38 Paces Strategies

38 Paces Strategies serves as our West Wing, helping you navigate the increasingly fractured, ever-changing media landscape, tackle complex issues, and communicate with your audience in clear and concise language to tell your story.

Strategic Communications

Message & Media Development
We take a thoughtful, innovative approach to messaging and communications. We will help you define your story and build your brand, crafting a strategic messaging framework tailored to your profile and distilling down your message in clear and concise language that helps you chart the course on your future. Examining the changing media landscape, we also will help you identify media opportunities in traditional and non-traditional mediums and platforms. As needed, we will partner with an analytics or polling firm to pair data driven analysis with strategic messaging.

Mobilization & Advocacy
Looking to engage your supporters, persuade your audience, or advance your agenda? We develop and execute mobilization and advocacy campaigns for corporations, coalitions, non-profits, and trade associations. Surveying the playing field, leveraging stakeholders, and turning ideas into action, we will tailor a campaign to fit your needs and meet your goals.

Crisis Management
In need of a steady hand to navigate a crisis? We are at the ready! Whether you're in the middle of an unexpected news cycle or advance planning for the future, we will craft and deploy a strategic communications plan that ensures you are able to tell your story and reach your audience. From the White House's West Wing to the steps of Congress, we know how to take the helm in troubled waters and pilot to a safe harbor. 


Political Consulting
Running for public office? After two winning Presidential campaigns, we know what it takes to get you over the finish line! We will distill down your message, make your story personal to you, and chart the course to success. Americans are tired of the same old talking points and 30-second TV ads, it's time for a fresh, new approach to running for office. 

The C-Suite

At 38 Paces, Storytelling is Central. We take a long-term, imaginative, and authentic approach to building your brand. Creating a strategic communications framework for your brand and then identifying the right traditional and non-traditional media opportunities, we will help you tell your story and highlight the issues and themes central to you. As needed, we will partner with an analytics or polling firm to pair data driven analysis with a strategic communications framework.

Executive Communications
The landscape for breaking into the national conversation is as complex and charged as its ever been. We design and implement Executive Communications Plans for CEO's, elected officials, advocacy organizations, coalitions, and non-profits, that pinpoint the relationships and media engagements you will need to facilitate to be at the focal point of the national debate on your issues.  

Media Training
In today's increasingly fractured, ever-changing media landscape, it’s critical that you and your team are effective communicators across mediums and media platforms. We will teach you and your team how to refine and improve your physical presentation skills, as well as how to deploy verbal and auditory tools to better communicate with your audience.


Book Tours
Trying to build national buzz around your book? We have you covered. From distilling down your book tour's themes into a coherent, consistent message to appearing on cable TV, which drives recognition and sales, we can position you and your book as a thought-leader on the national stage.